Our Historic Napa Listing in the News!


2133 First St. | Napa, CA

"Historic downtown Napa house gets rehab and resale"

Magalli Yoho doesn’t mess around when it comes to flipping a house, even a historic downtown home that’s 126 years old.

Yoho, who has previously lived in Napa, is a real estate investor and renovator.

Back in October this house hunter bought the Ingalls house at 2133 First St., near the entrance to downtown Napa.

The home was originally built in 1892 for one of Napa’s earliest business owners, Wilfred Ingalls. For the past 27 years it had been home to then-city council member Juliana Inman and her family.

Yoho bought the home from Inman for $802,000. Today, after just 10 weeks of work, it’s listed for sale for $1.24 million.

“I love everything about the house,” said Yoho. “It’s got a good floor plan, lots of great lighting. I love the high ceilings.”

Yoho said the Queen Anne Tower House caught her eye when it was first listed for sale in 2017. 

Yoho said she wasn’t sure if she could take it on. “The house needed a little more than a bit of love and tender care,” she said. But, “I saw the beauty of it and everything else could be fixed.”

And fix she did.

In less than three months, Yoho had the Ingalls house completely rehabbed, from top to bottom.

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